Global Economic Metamorphosis is Here.
Find out how the pandemic accelerated it
and how to best navigate it.

May 4 to June 22, join us at The Post-Industrial Summit, Spring 2021

Post-Pandemic Edition.

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Actionable Insights by Corporate Leaders from companies like ABB, Microsoft, Siemens, Intel, Hyundai, Schneider Electric, and AXA, founders of cutting-edge startups like Pratexo, AllianceBlock, Novum Insights, Nanom, and

Making Sense of the Challenges and Opportunities






Financial services



Building Transformative Boards

Organizational Renewal

Post-Pandemic Venture Investing

Private Equity after the Pandemic

Building DeepTech ventures

Edge Computing

Culture & Policy

The New Work Landscape

Global Industrial Policy

Post-Industrial Culture

Forces of Progress and Stagnation

Conflicting Mindsets

Silicon Valley vs. Emerging Innovation Hubs

Frode L. Odegard, CEO, Post-Lean Institute and Founder, Post-Industrial Forum

Join a global community of
founders, executives, investors, and policymakers
building our post-industrial future.

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